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We are a small passion project with a big heart. Help us continue to offer Toa Koko and support our mission to bridge Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao to the world whilst contributing to an ecosystem of the sustainability of Koko Trees in Samoa, financial support  to farmers, women and villages in Samoa through the buying of organic cacao beans and our curation team here in Australia who lovingly create each blessed block ready to be brewed and blessed by you! Every step along the way from bean to block we aim to honour all hands our beloved Koko Samoa passes through. If you have IN-joyed our Cacao and wish to help us to continue to provide TOA KOKO in 2021 and beyond please consider making a contribution to our GoFundMe capital campaign -  CLICK HERE TO DONATE

SNEAK PREVIEW - Cacao Guided MeditationJïlda~Rõse Slade
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Toa Koko - Peaceful Light Warrior of The Sacred Heart
A playful yet powerful Polynesian bean cultivated in Samoa with love, 
curated in Australia with the highest vibrations & intentions.
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Our Cacao beans are sourced from organic, traditional & sustainable farms in Samoa and our paste is cultivated with love in Australia in loving collaboration with Living Koko Pty Ltd.