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Brew ༓ Blend ༓ Bless ༓ Bliss

With 100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao

Open your Sacred Heart,
Surrender to bliss with Cacao

T O A     K O K O

{Peaceful Warrior of the Sacred Heart}

100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao


Talofa lava our cacao family,


Everything you will ever need is within you & your Sacred Heart, waiting to be released & gifted to the world.

All one need simply do is follow their bliss...


Welcome to the world of Pure Intentional Drinking Cacao...

Cacao is an ancient plant ally and a perfect companion for accompanying, complimenting & supporting you through your daily rituals, meditation practices, focusing your energies, magnifying your experience, harmonizing your cells and setting your vibrational point of attraction with The Universe from within. We are creator BEings and through the power of our consciousness & awareness, we have the extraordinary ability to focus our attention, direct our energy and co-create our direct experience within this gift called 'LIFE'. Cacao is a wonderful plant medicine ally for opening & supporting your creative channel, uplifting your cellular vibration, cultivating and supporting your nervous system through the chemical neurotransmission it releases known as Anandamide (known as The Bliss Molecule) helping you to consciously centre deeper into in bliss and open your Sacred Heart (heart chakra). #BlessThisBliss


Toa Koko is 100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao with its beautiful island vibes cultivated and entwined deeply within the seeds of this strain of Cacao unique to Samoa - known as Lafi7.


Lafi7 was specifically cultivated to take to the Samoan lands, climate & environment. Our beans are durable and our trees fruit generously. Our Koko Samoa is grown organically, traditionally and sustainably in the Samoan sun and nurtured through the land walked upon by ancestors gone before us. When you drink Cacao you are not only receiving the ancient properties of the bean itself (dating back to ancient Mayan civilisations) but also the energy of the land in which the bean, in this case, Lafi7, as has been grown & cultivated... 


Toa in Samoan means 'Warrior', and Koko meaning Cacao is also known throughout intentional Cacao Communities around the world as the Spirit Ally of your 'Sacred Heart'. And thus Toa Koko is born with its meaning & intention being of deep significance and joy to us - 'Peaceful Warrior of the Sacred Heart'.

We are blessed to bridge this unique strain of Cacao to the world and work in unison with family both here in Australia and back home in Samoa. We are humbled to be able to directly support farmers, women and commUNITY's with this high vibing Samoan Cacao through this family-rooted passion project. Thank you for supporting Samoan Cacao and contributing to the betterment of people and the planet through your LIGHT and your open Sacred Heart.


May you have the courage to know yourself,
May you hold the compassion to love yourself,

May you embody the valour to be yourself,

May you co-create sacred moments of bliss within your

heart, mind, body & soul,

with yourself and those you cherish, 

and may you pause frequently to embrace and IN-joy the moments that weave together the intricate tapestry that is your Sacred gift and experience called LIFE.

Manuia Le Aso,

Sesole Slade & Jïlda~Rõse Slade

Co-Stewards & Chief & Chftess of Toa Koko

Toa Koko™ & Toa Tribe

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“I’ve experienced cacao’s from many countries. Every cacao delivers a unique feeling in each warm mug. Toa Koko feels both like home and a moment of energized relaxation.”

- Brenden Durrell  (@InnerLightWarrior)

Toa Koko - Peaceful Light Warrior of The Sacred Heart
A playful yet powerful Polynesian bean cultivated in Samoa with love, 
curated in Australia with the highest vibrations & intentions.
Brew ༓ Blend ༓ Bless ༓ Bliss

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