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Brew ༓ Blend ༓ Bless ༓ Bliss

With 100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao

All Good Things...  Come To a Close.

Our online store is now closed to the public. For wholesale enquiries for beans and other cacao based products, white labelling and bulk buying please contact us.

Open your Sacred Heart, 
Surrender to bliss with Cacao 

T O A     K O K O

{Peaceful Warrior of the Sacred Heart}

100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao


Talofa lava our cacao family,


Everything you will ever need is within you & your Sacred Heart, waiting to be released & gifted to the world.


One simply need only set an intention to follow their bliss and see where their open heart leads...

Our philosophy on life is we dwell in a mysterious world where thoughts become things, intention precedes manifestation and everything is energy. According to Quantum Science, Energy can never die only be redistributed. Our cells the made of stardust and the energy that creates worlds moves through every single sacred cell of you, us and through all life.


For us, we believe the power of co-creating a life of personal fulfilment first comes from setting our intention clearly within ourselves, our hearts, our souls, our minds and with the Universe/Source. Moving through our day to days, choosing our intentions to feel connected with the universal energy flowing through all things, all people, all animals, all plants, all planets, all suns, all moments of this divine mystery we collectively find our selves presently to be in called - LIFE.


Choosing intentionally to remember the nature of who we are, and come home deliberately, gently, courageously and often within our awareness to our breath and our senses of sight, sounds, taste, smell, touch, the gifts that offer us our very relationship to the experience this world as a multi-sensory human being. 


Learning, growing, shedding, healing, evolving, expanding, opening & remembering through all terrains, experiences and states of life that we move through, who we really all are in our hearts -LOVE.


So we may feel ourselves come home into harmony, again & again from our very core, as often as needed, to find ourselves clear, ready to navigate this life with the best of intentions and intentionally gift our best selves back to our families, our friends, our communities and this world...


All the while marvelling in the mystery, the miracle, the madness, the magic of life, of Mother Earth (the sustainer of all life no exceptions), revelling in Her creations, her unconditionalness, her bounty, her beauty, her medicines, and taking up our unique place in the mystery, evolution, beauty & yes even the chaos of life itself.


Through intention, we feel it is a powerful way to presence ourselves and centre into the now and from this space co-create and learn to lead a life that is truly in alignment with our hearts. 


Welcome to the world of Pure Intentional Drinking Cacao...

A modern expression, seeded with great love & respect from an ancient tradition. Cacao is an ancient plant ally and a perfect companion for accompanying, complimenting & supporting you through your daily rituals, meditation practices, focusing your energies, magnifying your experience, harmonizing your cells and setting your vibrational point of attraction with The Universe from within.

We are creator BEings and through the power of our intention and our consciousness & awareness, we have the extraordinary ability to choose where we focus our precious life force energy, determining how we each individually perceive life and navigate our experiences of it. 


Cacao is a wonderful plant medicine ally for encouraging daily meditation, focusing our intention while opening & supporting our creative channel, uplifting your cellular vibration, cultivating and supporting your nervous system through the chemical neurotransmission it releases known as Anandamide (known as The Bliss Molecule) helping us to consciously centre deeper into in bliss and open our Sacred Heart (heart chakra) and simply come home to the presence of breath, body and the bliss available to us beyond a busy mind. #BlessThisBliss


Toa Koko is 100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao for just this reason, whatever ever intention you set with it! Be it ritual, ceremony or while answering emails and in a keep cup getting the kids off to school... with its beautiful island vibes cultivated and entwined deeply within the seeds of this strain of Cacao unique to Samoa - known as Lafi7 - our hope is to help to invite you to remember to intentionally centre, ground and connect with life force energy and inner universal flow throughout your day.


After sitting many Cacao Ceremonies, facilitating retreats and guiding sacred spaces we came to a humbling realization and philosophy that we simply feel bliss lies within our intentions and where we focus ourselves throughout our days, weeks, months, years matter because it here that we ultimately create & weave the tapestries our lives.


Through Intentional Drinking Cacao, it is our hope you will take time as often as you feel guided to intentionally pause, unplug and reconnect to the divine guidance within you so you may carry on co-creating a fulfilling life that is in alignment & harmony with you or so you may remember to navigate any challenges life brings with grace, curiosity, courage, peace and an open heart & open mind.


About Toa Koko 

We are humbled to share a cacao strain that is from our family and introduce it to your daily practices of self-care and self-love. Our late grandfather and high chief cultivated Lafi7 to specifically take to the Samoan lands, climate & environment. Our beans are durable and our trees fruit generously. Our Koko Samoa is grown organically, traditionally and sustainably in the Samoan sun and nurtured through the land walked upon by ancestors gone before us. When you drink Cacao you are not only receiving the ancient properties of the bean itself (dating back to ancient Mayan civilisations) but also the energy of the land in which the bean, in this case, Lafi7, as has been grown & cultivated... 


Toa in Samoan means 'Warrior', and Koko meaning Cacao is also known throughout intentional Cacao Communities around the world as the Spirit Ally of your 'Sacred Heart'. And thus Toa Koko is born with its meaning & intention being of deep significance and joy to us - 'Peaceful Warrior of the Sacred Heart'. We are humbled to take something we love such as mindfulness, meditation, ritual, ceremony and see it merge with our Samoan Cacao. Although cacao ceremonies originate from Peru & Gautalamala, with cacao being known as a sacred plant medicine for high priests and priestesses some five thousand years ago, we are grateful to share something so special from our family whilst continuing to share our philosophy and invited more moments of intentional heart centred connection and mindfulness through our Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao.

We are blessed to bridge this unique strain of Cacao to the world and work in unison with family both here in Australia and back home in Samoa. We are humbled to be able to directly support farmers, women and commUNITY's with this high vibing Samoan Cacao through this family-rooted passion project. Thank you for supporting Samoan Cacao and contributing to the betterment of people and the planet through your LIGHT and your open Sacred Heart.


May you have the courage to know yourself,
May you hold the compassion to love yourself,

May you embody the valour to be yourself,

May you co-create sacred moments of bliss within your

heart, mind, body & soul,

with yourself and those you cherish, 

and may you set intentions to pause frequently to embrace and IN-joy
the moments that weave together the intricate tapestry
that is your LIFE.

X ※ O ※ X ※ O


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