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Guided Cacao Ceremony - 20mins: 'Sacred Heart Meditation' by Jïlda~Rõse

Guided Cacao Ceremony - 20mins: 'Sacred Heart Meditation' by Jïlda~Rõse


Download a guided Cacao Meditation​ for use with your personal use & cacao ceremony.


Brew your Cacao, blend, bless & bliss into your ceremony.


Set your intentions, sip your Toa Koko - 100% Pure Samoan Intentional Drinking Cacao, pop in your heads phones (recommended) and settle in for a beautiful heart-centred guided meditation & ceremony...

Relax, allow the Cacao to flow through you and simply relax with this guided 20min Cacao Ceremony Meditation channled by Jïlda~Rõse Slade.


This meditation is perfect for those occasions when you simply desire to by guided in a loving waht to connect to your heart chakra, open your heart to your love, surrender to bliss...

Download Full meditation NOW 



Length: 20min

Format: MP3
By: Jïlda~Rõse Slade

Toa Koko - Peaceful Light Warrior of The Sacred Heart
A playful yet powerful Polynesian bean cultivated in Samoa with love, 
curated in Australia with the highest vibrations & intentions.
Brew ༓ Blend ༓ Bless ༓ Bliss

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